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Train. Sweat. Transform.


We offer daily Box Fit classes and PT sessions in addition to our boxing for junior and seniors. (For more about the Boxing Club, click here.) Paul Lynch and Andy Knight, Head coaches & PTs, bring their passion and dedication to the gym 7 days a week, all year around.


Join us for a fun, heart pumping, full body workout. Using your own bodyweight and a boxing bag, our high intensity cardio training will tone up your body, improve your strength and endurance and burn those calories. No fancy machines needed to achieve results at this authentic boxing gym. Sevenoaks Box Fit will push your body, mind and confidence!


All classes are attended by mixed ages, gender, and abilities. 


60 min


Have fun and challenge yourself during our intense cardiovascular class which gives you an incredible full body workout whilst using your core at all times. This 60 min class will not only get your heart pumping but will help you build a stronger and leaner body – on average you can burn between 600-1000 calories per class. 


60 min


Tone and build strength while pushing your heart rate. Each week offers an energetic circuit mixing bodyweight exercises, TRX, BOSU, medicine balls, kettle bells, and boxing bags. The class includes dynamic stretches to increase body movement and flexibility to help prevents injury.


60 min


Every dad is their kid’s superhero. The idea was born when watching dads at sidelines at many sport events coaching and shouting at their children but not actually breaking a sweat themselves... Fat Dads Club gives you a perfect opportunity to get a workout and spend time with your children every Sunday at 11am just before having that Sunday roast. Bring the whole family.


30 min


A strong core has more benefits than just looking great — it’s critical to your overall fitness performance, reduces risk of injury, and improves posture. The goal of this class is to target your core stability and to balance and tone it by targeting the specific muscles that matter in the lower back, glutes and abdominals. This 30min class can be done standalone OR as an add on to another class.


30 min / £25

60 min / £45

The most impactful body & mind transformation happens when you start believing in yourself. We help you to reach YOUR goal(s):

  • Lose weight

  • Tone your body

  • Build strength 

  • Improve agility, coordination and power

  • Get faster and improve cardiovascular levels to prepare for a race or sports



"Joining the gym 1 ½ years ago has been life changing for building my mental and physical strength. The trainers are outstanding – greet you with a smile and push you to the edge of your abilities during the workout whilst sharing their life wisdom. I have had countless moments of euphoria here and training has become an addiction – a healthy one!" 




Paul lynch

Founder & Head Coach

Kent ABA Middle Weight Champion 1982

Level 2 Boxing Coach, Level 3 PT, and qualified sport massage.


Paul has been boxing since he was 8 years old and is still as passionate about the sport today. Since the gym opened, he has been teaching boxing to all the members of the club, juniors and seniors. Paul brings his passion and dedication to every single session.

Andy knight

Head Coach

Kent ABA Middle Weight Champion 2010

Level 2 Boxing Coach, PT and Level 2 Fitness Instructor


Following in his uncle’s footsteps, Andy started boxing at the age of 7. His passion and drive is evident as he loves pushing people beyond their limits to achieve more than they think they can. His Box Fit Classes and PTs are never the same apart from a perfect combination of fun and challenging. Nobody escapes Andy’s attention during a class – you will walk away having given it your all.  “There is no such thing as can’t”

CARIN Soderberg

PT & Boxing Coach

Level 3 PT, Level 1 Boxing Coach and soon to be qualified NLP Practitioner 


Carin has been on a transformational journey, from a place of chronic illness she discovered training helped her to feel great, be strong whilst healing. Carin has left her city career, qualified as Level 3 PT and is ready to transform people to feel great inside and out. She is energetic, trains incredibly hard but always with a smile on her face. Her stubbornness is evident as she holds the gym's 15 min plank! “Mind over body”

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Gaza Trading Estate

Scabharbour Rd

Sevenoaks Weald

Kent, TN11 8PL

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E: andy-knight@live.co.uk

T: 0787 293 3264

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